AIDA Gems & Jewellery

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The Gem industry in Sri Lanka (also known as Ceylon, Serendib, etc..) has been in existence for over 2500 years. Some of the rarest of gem stones of exquisite beauty have taken pride of place.

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Premium quality guaranteed genuine gems, created from clients own designs, catalogue photographs or in house patterns chosen from a glittering array of exquisite hand rafted pieces.

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Gem Mining

There it is washad in the shallow reed baskets that allow the mud and water to fall away leaving the heavier gravel. This is shifted thoroughly for Gemstone.

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Welcome to AIDA Gems & Jewellery

AIDA Gems & Jewellery was originally established in Bentota in 1975 under the personal direction of master goldsmith "Aida" (Nissanka Weerasena). Aida takes a personal interest in every creation, dedicating his skill and knowledge to giving every customer complete satisfaction.

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AIDA Group

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Gems & Jewellery

The craftsmen at AIDA Gems & Jewellery work to establish patterns or to client's own designs to fashion pieces of etiquette perfection from gold or silver.

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Restaurant & Pub

Our handy Chefs will cater your needs from the finest of Western Cuisine to the appetizing traditional dish, giving your taste buds what they deserve.          

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We have a wide range of collections of handicrafts which reflect captures the imagination, contemporary, magnificent and the unique.                  

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Textile & Tailoring

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